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City of Minneapolis FOG Ordinance

“Simply putting oils and grease down the drain can restrict the flow of water and sewage in the city's pipes, potentially leading to foul backups that can spew out sewage into the basements of homes and commercial buildings, or out of street manholes.” Bring Me the MN News reports on Minneapolis’ new ordinance in effort to combat costly repairs that could be passed on to you as a business owner.


Minneapolis Addresses Build-Up of FOG

Grease and fat in your restaurant’s plumbing can lead to a disaster. A grease clog can shut off the dishwasher during a cycle, it can force sewage up through the drains, and it can even destroy your building’s pipes – which can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair.

Not practicing proper Fats – Oils – Grease prevention methods can hurt your business. The City of Minneapolis shares some tips.

Fats-Oils-Grease in Pipes - City of Minneapolis

Golden Valley, Minnesota Joins the Fight Against FOG

FOG is such a serious concern that many cities, including Golden Valley, Minnesota, have ordinances and regulations to control the release of FOG into the sewer system.

Golden Valley’s FOG ordinance requires that all food and drink service establishments install grease removal devices, such as grease interceptors or grease traps, and undergo regular inspections. The City is also reaching out to establishments and advising them on how to properly manage FOG.

We can help you eliminate the worry of unexpected fines and protect your drains.