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Gary Loven

Owner, Foodservice Drain Specialist


Protecting your business from potential drain issues and giving you the time to focus on your customers are my top goals as your drain expert. After many years in the business, I have witnessed facility drains ignored resulting in messy situations and loss of business. Polluted drains - from debris or organic buildup - create such unexpected drain issues and they eat up your time. Monitoring these drains is an added burden. One thing I know for sure is that your role pulls you in every direction and your time is valuable.

It is essential to put the right people in the right spot to uphold your reputation. Known for being HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY and ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIENCE, I can help you do that.

Our family-owned business is the only Twin Cities drain team who offers this preventative protection. You can be confident that my service will eliminate your drain concerns.

Let my expertise work for you!

Courteous, professional and friendly is what you can expect from Gary!
— Restaurant Proprietor

Sonya Travanty

Business Development


During our consultation, more than likely you will hear my passion for Biologix® as it happens to combine two of my core values: ECO-FRIENDLY and SERVICE.

Working together to create a plan that is custom to your facility and fulfills your drain protection needs is sure to lessen your worry load. I look forward to showing you how this solution will give you time to focus on your business while we focus on your drains.

When we committed to Gary’s service, we realized the savings.
— Restaurant Managing Partner