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Roseville, Minnesota Introduces FOG Ordinance

The city of Roseville, Minnesota urges preventative measures for drains at all food establishments. “Fats, Oils and Grease or FOG Best Management Practices are the most effective and practicable means of controlling, preventing and minimizing the discharge of FOG into the City’s sanitary sewer system including the installation of devices, device maintenance, training or any other practice that reduces FOG.”

You can be sure these requests are met with our Drain Protection Plan.


Fighting the Fat

Cities across Minnesota have been getting more aggressive in recent years about diverting fats, oils and greases from the sewers — where it is costly to remove and causes dangerous backups. Minneapolis is now preparing its own ordinance requiring restaurants to collect their fat before it leaves the premises.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports on how the Twin Cities are fighting the build up on FOG in city sewers.


Minneapolis Addresses Build-Up of FOG

Grease and fat in your restaurant’s plumbing can lead to a disaster. A grease clog can shut off the dishwasher during a cycle, it can force sewage up through the drains, and it can even destroy your building’s pipes – which can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair.

Not practicing proper Fats – Oils – Grease prevention methods can hurt your business. The City of Minneapolis shares some tips.

Fats-Oils-Grease in Pipes - City of Minneapolis