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BioCycle Products

An 8-strain synergistic blend of microorganisms that turn grease, fats, oils and other organics into harmless compounds of CO2 and H2O. A precise solution formulated for each of your concerns.


Since 1989, Biologix® has been a pioneer in the development of ecologically responsible products. Our goal is to provide the highest quality product that puts the lowest possible stress on the environment in order to reduce our global impact.

BioCycle products are the culmination of our years of research into the understanding of how specific WASTE  is generated on an everyday basis, how to safely REMEDIATE these wastes, then RETURN them back to the environment. Every aspect of the BioCycle line has been carefully considered as to how it will impact our environment, from conception, to production, and all the way to market.

BioCycle, our line of wastewater treatment and cleaning products, is specially formulated by utilizing naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes and blending them together to create a safe and environmentally-friendly microorganism that “eats” away at waste. These MICROBES will continue to replicate themselves while the solution is working to answer the demands of the amount of waste that needs removing. All that is left is clear water. Because this water is “green” when it transfers into the processing plant, there is less stress on the sewer plants. Even more, when the cleaned water is pumped back into our waterways, there is significantly less damage to our environment.

The older infrastructure in our 110-year-old building could lead to some drain issues, but Gary’s drain service keeps us from worrying!
— Restaurant Proprietor