You manage your business,
We manage your drains.



Critical Challenge

Drain issues


The nature of your business fills your daily calendar with many challenges to keep your food service up and running at its best for your customer. Your time is valuable and these tasks are all consuming.

Debris, organic buildup and vulnerable drains and grease traps lead to problems you don’t want to worry about. These issues can lead to contamination, food loss and even business closures.


Our Proven Process keeps you

Free from worry and safe from drain issues


Eliminating the Worry

Your role’s expectations are many and varied. Having to worry about vulnerable drains and possible loss of business due to blockages can be overwhelming. Your Drain Protection Plan eliminates that worry allowing you to focus on your business.

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Educating Your Team

Having a team that is informed and equipped with best drain practices is key to operating smoothly. Your Drain Protection Plan incorporates troubleshooting measures for staff and training of new employees.

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We are not a small operation, we do $5.2 million in sales, and in 2.5 years, our grease traps have not had to be pumped once.
— Executive Chef