Drain Protection Plan

Eliminate the worry of unsightly equipment and obstructed lines that cause disastrous complications for you and your customers.



  1. Comprehensive inspection on all drains

    • Bar sink, mop sink, trough drain, bar & kitchen floor drains, bathroom drains, soda stations and grease traps

    • Removal of debris from all drains

  2. Biologix® Microbe infusion at all drains

  3. Secure lock-down of drain strainers to prevent non-organic debris to enter your drains

  4. Thorough review and resolution of facility specific drain needs


Our Partnership Includes


In addition to your bi-weekly onsite visit, youR Plan includes:

  1. 24/7 emergency number access

  2. Biologix® Microbe Container and System installation

  3. Training staff on drain protection best practices

  4. Grease pump scheduling

We easily save 1000s of dollars every year with Biologix. Emergency calls are anywhere from $400-$800 per call. Gary’s service protects us from these problems.
— Restaurant Proprietor

Steps to Protection

Ready to eliminate the worry of unexpected drain issues and focus on your customer? We’ve made the process to protection convenient for your facility and schedule. Let’s start today.

1 - Consultation conversation

Learn more about the Drain Protection Plan specific to your facility during a consultation call. Schedule a time convenient for you. During this call, we will set up the next step.

2 - Facility evaluation

Gary will tour your facility to assess all drains and needs. You can expect him to create a custom plan of action for your drain protection.

3 - Scheduled visits

You are ready to be in the 2 week rotation! We will work together to select a time according to your facility’s needs. A Drain Protection Specialist will complete the protection points every two weeks.


We used to get the main line cleaned once or twice a year, along with quarterly jetting. With Gary, the mainline cleaning is less frequent, and we don’t do jetting at all.
— Restaurant Managing Partner