Some agents use enzymes in a container in an effort to break up and push waste down the drain. This is a hazardous option as it only pushes some of the build-up down the system and leaves the rest of the FOG accumulation resting in your pipes. 

This choice is not only harmful to your business, it is harmful to the environment. 

We use Biologix® BioCycle - An 8-strain synergistic blend of microbes that turn grease, fats, oils and other organics into harmless compounds of CO2 and H2O. These microbes totally consume the organic build-up, turning it into water – clean water. With our Drain Protection Plan, these microbes are infused into the container on your dish sink daily AND all of your drains. This cleaned water is pumped back into our waterways with significantly less damage to our environment.

Clean – for you and our community.